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If you stare long enough into the waters, you know you are looking into the eyes of The Goddess.


In the stillness of life she perpetually flows, the one we know as Nature

Like day to a night she was.

But he saved her from the fire, she never turned into ashes. Shiva thought in disbelief. She was alive she could not be dead. He circled the world with Sati’s limp body.

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He looked down towards his arms and saw nothing there but the memory of her embrace.

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She really did shed she body.

From far above he saw the heap of ruin he saw the havoc he had brought upon the face of this planet. Veerabhadra, born out of a lock of Shiva’s hair, ripped out by him in dance of fury. Veerabhadara had shred everything in his path.

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And glistening emerald in the shape of an eye, wedged in between two hills, he knew was where her eyes fell, his Sati’s eyes.

Tremors of Shiva’s Tandav shook all, Vishnu felt the ripples of the Dance of Destruction in his celestial silky ocean of milk. He threw his gaze upon the forsaken land and he knew at once the time had come to play his part. Severing her body into pieces to jolt Shiva out of his raging grief was the only way to salvage something from the fires of Shiva and Sati’s wrath.

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Daksha, Sati’s father, reduced to smithereens. How did he bring this upon himself, they all asked? He was the son of Lord Bhrama after all. Rigorous and relentless in his rituals yet ignorant enough to insult Shiva-Mahapurusha-the ideal man his daughters husband. Daksha through all his rituals couldn’t become a real purusha. So consumed was he by the notion of superiority over The Lord of the Beasts-Pashupatinath-Shiva.

Shiva-the one who is not

Daksha brought upon Shiva’s wrath after Sati-she who is- denounced the body that her father Daskha gave her. Immolating herself so she owed nothing to a man who insults her Shiva.

She knew her eyes would see him till she returned with another human body, through Naitital, where her eyes lay like glistening emerald waters wedged in between two hills.

Daksha’s last words to his daughter “Why did you come here?  You are unwelcome here you and your hermit husband”. The words rang in his head like a calling to his this demise. As he saw her consumed by her yogic fire. The warning The Goddess-Adiparashakti- gave him, “I will diswon you if you insult me”. Had taken from into reality.

The beast like disfigured humans-Ganas- Shiva’s helpers could do nothing to restrain her. The fire wrapped her body.

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Far away perched atop Mount. Kailash Shiva felt nature stop flowing through the stillness and nothingness of his life.

In the stillness of his life she would perpetually flows, the one we know as Nature-Prakriti

Like day to his night she was.

But not anymore.

Storming with his rage into a Tandav he destroyed him, that Daksha who was the only reason for her leaving, her death.

But Shiva knew her eyes would watch him, as he stared into the waters of the lake with glistening emerald waters. The lake shaped like her almond eyes wedged in between two hills.

And till they re-unite Shiva will meditate without Shakti for he is incapable without her and she unexpressed without him.

Stillness of life without the flow of nature.

Helplessly unrealized without each other.

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Her eyes leave hope of a new union written in times to come, of the transformer reuniting with her to resume his cosmic dance with glistening emerald waters of Nanital.


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Today there is a Temple on the banks of the lake Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. Called the Naini(eyes) Devi(Goddess) Mandir (Temple).

Sati was the first consort of Mahadev (Shiva) and theirs is the most glorious love story in the entire Indian Mythology. It was the cosmic union of the Masculine and Feminine energy of the cosmos. One always incomplete without the other even if they aren’t inseparable. When separated they cause Pralay (Dissolution). The Feminine energy uncontrollable and destructive, the Masculine powerless without it to cease the destruction.

Our beloved Shiva’s Love Story…Shivaleela.