Time danced on the boundary of Twilight-

The day turned to night

Light rushed away to brighten up another sky

Darkness knows when light leaves you will travel through her world

You will travel through her world of sublime horrors

She throws the boats of dreams and nightmare

The sounds all muffled, all spunk in their step lost to the dark

Not long ago they rang with the forces life at work,

Light and sound making a busy world.

Diurnal sleep and Nocturnal awaken

The line of reversal crossed over switch places and so does everything around you.

We switch places and so do they

So does it all.

Morning colours spread across the West

The Sun kisses the left.

Evening shades reach the Eastern sky

The Sun bids thee farewell and goodbye.

The ‘Out’ crept ‘In’ while you were escaping the fading din,

If you lay down at night and not a day

Curtains a flutter, the windows at night, did you not know?

Peep Inside at the light of your eyes.

Now they are the windows for the night.