Run fast

Or feet shall sink

Lost they will be

No trace or trail lasts in me

Water held in the bottle

tossed at me


Until it’s final release into air

How different are you oh human?

Water trapped in a form

Not to be one with me

Like the mirage sea

Waters of the sky shy away from my embrace

You slither away from my grip

Made serpentine by your machine

Lashing through my dunes

Tickling my dead grains

I exist on the side of which life is not

Oh animal live for just a moment here

Grasp at my dead sands oh creatures of water

Mark the paradox

Let the dead feel life

The desert changes you.

One finds nothing that shows life, making the scattered thorn bushes a phenomenon, inflating your sense of being alive larger than it could ever get.

Till you reach the cityscape – where dreams fueled by the very oils of the desert you just left behind- dwarfs your sense of purpose.

The city glistening like the crowning glory of the desert. A place where men adorned long traditional robes and women in trendy summer clothing.

My first visit to Dubai will always be etched in my memory as the world beyond the looking glass, a curiously happy contrast- In the stillness all moves in a flash and blurs into stillness again.