It’s always an appropriate time for some wisdom but it can only be the most crucial when the globe is immersed in a pandemic.

Star Wars Day 2020 is placed snuggly in the phase of the lockdown where we bask in solitude one moment and slip into a morbid existential crisis the very next minute.



When restrictions are placed on physical activity and movement, it’s difficult for creatures of a spacial dimension to hold on to a sense of purpose. We are suffering from obstructed and blurred vision due to being trapped inside our four walls or garden fences, unable to interact with the outside world freely.

What is the definition of activity as opposed to passivity in the current situation? What can be done now?

This has been my contemplation for a couple of days, spurred on by the quote No! Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try.

Maybe we could consider actually doing the emotional and mental work for once since we are straight-jacketed right now.

Quote, #1 paraphrased: No! Try not! Meditate, or do not meditate. There is no try!


We have known that the world, the universe works in mysterious ways. With every crisis, ‘Chaos’ makes itself known to us. We see only but a glimpse of its many features, we try to draw a mathematical blueprint of it based on those little snippets we can memorise amidst the pandemonium.

Chaos is a force to reckon with. Cosmos, the opposite of Chaos, on the other hand, is what keeps us in harmony, if we are able to catch the frequency then, it’s a lifeboat in times of the havoc that chaos causes.

Maybe that’s ultimately what you use the force for… to keep the balance of Chaos and Cosmos ie. the balance of the Universe.

Quote, # 2 paraphrased: “That’s not how the Universe works.”


We must make and follow our own paths. To quote Charles Bukowski “Isolation is a gift”. The world is in isolation. Here we must look at the broader meaning of isolation. There have been people isolating alone or in the smallest unit that there is in their own circumstances, for eg. couples, families, quarantines, camps etc.

This is an environment of isolation.

Let the soul, either yours alone or the collective soul of your isolation group, immediate group or extended, decide the path, walk it together it’s time for the collective consciousness to become one.

Quote #3, paraphrased: Who is more foolish who the fool who ignores his soul or the fool who follows him?


There are as many paths to the truth as there are hearts of people. How pale would life be if it wasn’t so? If we all saw the same thing we would have nothing of our own, nothing to share with the ones who would want to listen. Our experience of life, the world and the cosmos are made unique through our individual point of view.

However vast the differences in our own truths may feel at the moment, as we feel so removed and separated from each other. Looking inside ourselves to discover our own truth and learning how to communicate that truth requires alignment of you to another heart and also requires you to align with yourself.

Quote #4, paraphrased: “Luke,  you’re going to find that the many truths we cling to depend greatly on our own paths we have walked and the journey so far.


The scale and dimension in which the greater good operates and functions seem too large for mere mortals like us. There is always something bigger at play but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be healed responsible for your contributions. There is always going to be someone more suitable for the task or the position but who is present and whom the opportunity presents itself to matters most.

Sometimes you find yourself in a peculiar position, because you may have evolved beyond the current grade you’re being forced to function in. Of all the speculations about how we as a species are going to be changed after the lockdown and what will be the new normal for us, one thing is for sure, a lot of us are going to either realise that we’re ready to upgrade or are going to be forced to transcend.

Quote # 5, paraphrased: “There’s always a bigger fish that has outgrown its bowl”