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Chapter 1:


The telephone rang at the end of time. It was my final interrogator.

“You have lots to answer for, Phi.” the caller said.

It is just a little beyond the beginning of the end of everything, Time is dead. Now it is just one moment stretched until all that remains is destroyed. The last impressions of everything, frozen, in that one last glimpse before the curtains fall on light and darkness alike. What remains in momentum in this sliver of a moment, as I witness it, are three parts. Only one part of it is life in human form and two are parts that came from the primordial Void. One of those parts is me, Phi, and the other is my nemesis, in the most loosely based analogy of a mortal enemy there ever was. It is also one of my oldest companions, this I mean in the most exact definition of a fellow traveller on an extensive journey. It is this part that currently waits for me with questions.