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One day I found myself sitting on a friend’s balcony wondering about how it would be to indulge in all of our interests. What would it be if we actually do what we love? This led to a domino effect of excitement and morbid fear. Because I had typed an e-mail right that moment handing over my last task and resignation as Audit Assistant on the 20th of December 2015.
I had made my choice, it was the end of my chapter as an Auditor and the beginning of a new chapter- ‘Writing’.

Since then I have launched my blog: Kattyayani’s Travelling Circus, actually travelled around India, read a lot of books, learnt yoga, freelanced as a writer, technical and creative, dabbled in design, illustration, explored working on the internet, social media. I am currently writing two book series, 8 short stories and one more novel.

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