Einstein’s Dreams (Vintage Contemporaries)

A modern classic, Einstein’s Dreams is a fictional collage of stories dreamed by Albert Einstein in 1905, about time, relativity and physics. As the defiant but sensitive young genius is creating his theory of relativity, a new conception of time, he imagines many possible worlds. In one, time is circular, so that people are fated to repeat triumphs and failures over and over. In another, there is a place where time stands still, visited by lovers and parents clinging to their children. In another, time is a nightingale, sometimes trapped by a bell jar.

Now translated into thirty languages, Einstein’s Dreams has inspired playwrights, dancers, musicians, and painters all over the world. In poetic vignettes, it explores the connections between science and art, the process of creativity, and ultimately the fragility of human existence.

Read more about the Solar Eclipse of 1919 that permanently sealed the dynamic duo of Sir Arthur Eddington and Albert Einstein in cosmology history and the 20 surreal dream scenarios that author Alan Lightman imagines in his book ‘Einstein’s Dreams‘. The book is about a fictional Einstein and the narration of his dreams that have come about as a residue of his contemplation of the nature of ‘Time’ in conversation with his best friend Besso.

Besso who is also based on a real person and in fact was Albert Einstein’s best friend and sounding board as he worked on his theory of relativity. Another important duo of men which includes Albert Einstein one of its counterparts, who came together in a close friendship while dealing with the personal aspects of life and developing professional foundations.

Albert Einstein called him “The best sounding board in Europe for Scientific Ideas”. More about their friendship on Christie’s article: (Time’s arrow: Albert Einstein’s letters to Michele Besso).