Only after accepting that humanity as a whole is flawed and that the seed of the wrong-doer rests within us believe in punishment.

However dormant or rampant.

Arjun on Dharmaraj Yudhisthir: “unki alochna na karo. Unki alochna ke liye rishi, maharishiyoun ke mooh chote padd jaate hai. Aur choote mooh ko badi baat shobha nahi deti.

Yudhisthir, the oldest of the Pandav’s was born of the seed of Dharma. Arjun his younger brother, a great archer born of the seed of Indra- the King of the God’s, a God of all cosmic senses, and five elements.

Requests that we do not try and conceive or contemplate Yudhisthir. Wise sages and greats amongst the sages are but a spec of a mouth piece to claim that they fathom or speak of him. And it doesn’t bode well for a spec of dust to speak of the mountain.


To conceive of Dharma is implausible in the world we live and the way the world lives today.

All we can do is to accept with humility that we know not of it and that we are but a spec of dust, living on a mote of dust in and endless ocean of stars.

Empty yourself… Of pride.